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Bugle Calls

Bugling for the legions

Based on the new Ludus Militis Tactica, these calls will be used at AD43 as well as events that utilize the Tactica.  They have been kept very simple, utilizing 3 pitches so almost anyone can learn to play them.  The pitches are high, medium, and low (Hi C, G, C on the staff).  Most are stand alone calls that are repeated three times, however, Movete, State, and Clinate/Deponite calls (and their relevant facings) are only played one time.  For more detailed explanations, see the Tractus Ut Contactus Appendix to the Tactica on
Bugle Calls:            Primary Function                        Secondary Function (if any)
Ad Signa                Fall into formation                       Form up
Ad Aciem               Form line
Muta Ordines          Change front rank (relieve)                  
Muta Locum           Change all ranks
Tela                       Missiles incoming
Ad Testudinum       Form Testudo
Ad Cuneum*          Form Wedge
Centurio*               Recall/ Summon the Centurio
Movete                  March
State (Sta)             Halt
Reverte                  Recall personnel ASAP                 Cancel previous command
Percuto                 Charge
Ad Scutum            To the Shield (left)
Ad Contum            To the Spear (right)
Clinate                  Facing movement if still                  Flank turn (if moving)
Depone/Deponite   Column turn (open or close order)
Oblique                 Half Turn                                       Half Face
Transmutate          Formation u-turn (follow leader)      
Transformate         Immediate about turn (if moving)      About face (if still)
Signum Sequute   Follow the Standard
Ad Arma               Alarm                                            To Arms
Distress               Send Help
Arma Demittite     Order Arms                                     Cease Combat
Demittite              Dismissed                                      Retreat
Move Ad Contum  Incline/slide to the right                           
Move Ad Scutum  Incline/slide to the left
Servate Signa       Guard Mount Formation
*These commands are not in the Tactica at this time, but have been included for future use and so individual units can use the calls for routine drills.  They may also represent a needed call that does not corrospond to any drill command.

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There is no evidence for real bugle calls excpet Movete (one long note) and State (3 short notes).  All other calls are totally made up by us!

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