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About Us

Castra Lafe Barrack Block
Legio II Augusta ISPA

Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to serve the educational and public interests by accurately presenting the life and times of the legionaries of Rome in a credible atmosphere. We are interested in healthy growth of the units of the ISPA through the addition of like minded members, but stress quality over quantity in both members and equipment. We also want to have fun while when we are together and working on "Living Archeology".  The IRPA is not an "overall-commander" structure, but is intended to provide support to our member units in their growth and events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public of the life and times of the Roman Soldier and citizen in the late 1st Century B.C. to mid 2nd Century AD.

Centurio Longinus commands his troops

Who we are:


The Imperial Roman Provisional Army (IRPA) is a network of progressive Roman living history organizations that work together to organize individuals, contuberniums and Centuries into cohorts and Legions at major events, in which all member Legions share in leadership responsibilities.


IRPA is dedicated to fostering a broad and balanced experience. Like others, we want to experience the complete "soldier's life" without sacrificing Health and Safety. We are not stitch counters; however, IRPA does strongly encourage authenticity in ALL aspects of being a Imperial Roman Legionary - not just the material culture. We expect all to have a reasonably authentic Basic Impression of the common Roman or Auxilia infantryman, mainly ca 74 AD (though late and republican romans are also invited to join!), while encouraging and helping members to improve as they learn and can afford. IRPA also challenges it's members regularly to hone their first person skills by developing a personna from scenario-specific research and putting it to use at the select Events we support.


IRPA is not interested in running your Legion or Contubernium; our organization is only for the coordination of units and creating a controlled "atmosphere" at major events. Costs are limited to the issue of Rations, as well as any other "program" related expenses. One of the aspects of creating a controlled "atmosphere" is having the proper equipment needed to create it. Visit the IRPA Quartermaster Department to see what gear we have and what we are trying to obtain.


If you want to learn more about the IRPA, and how it operates, check out our Articles of Cooperation page. This document, drafted and up and ratified in January 2006, will be the foundation and framework of the IRPA. For a look at the fine print that complements the Articles of Cooperation, read through the IRPA Current Resolutions to see items proposed for addition to the final draft.


You can also glance through the pictures on our websites to see us in the field at past events. If you still have questions please feel free to E-mail us or visit us on the IRPA Discussion Board and post a question there. Do you have any Comments or Suggestions on making this a better organization? Please let us know. If you, your Legion or Contubernium have decided that you would like to Join the IRPA, this is the place to start.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We would love to hear your ideas and construcive criticisms! visit our Weblog by clicking here.


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