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Mock Combat Rules and Weapon Construction

Re-Creating the Atmosphere of Ancient Battle


Needle Felt Sword Suppliers and Construction Page

Combat "Boffer" Pilum Construction

BASIC Needlefelt Combat System Rules
Every participant understands the risks inherent and takes them opun him or herself.  A signed waiver is required before combat can commence.
Participants should understand the rigors of mock combat and be in good health.  The ISPA will not be liable for injuries, accidents, or health problems brought on by NFS Combat or personal health issues.  These are the basic rules of NFS, site specific rules may apply.
Every participant must use:
1. Goggles
2. Thick Focalae (not neccesarily leather)
3. Appropriate Armor for impression
4. Approved NFS Weapon
5. Common Sense

Every NFS weapon will be tested for design and safety. These
weapons will be checked for excess weight, construction, and will be
thrusted and struck against a solid object multiple times in an
attempt to cause it to fail. Any NFS that shows inner rods or
excessive wear will not be allowed.

The NFS has always been a "counting coup" strike system.
This is based upon honor and the ability to "place" a hit on your
opponent instead of striking them. Heroic over the head shield
crushing strikes or diving into formations with sword swinging
without regard for the safety of your fellow human will get you
kicked out.
If all of us are very careful, accept any "good hits" that are
dealt us and respect each other we can have a good time. If
you are a roman and a celt spears you in the chest for the second
time...(lorica be damned.. this guy has skill...) FALL Down...take
the hit.
We are having FUN.
Strike Rules:
Intentional head strikes are discouraged, torso strikes and jabs preferred. 
No intentional strikes to the face.
No Intentional strikes to the groin.
No Intentional strikes to the neck.
No participant will intentionally try to harm another.

Of course no mock combat can ever totally recreate the real thing... otherwise we would less re-enactors... and more heroes.  Needlefelt is a fun way to recreate the crash and closeness of ancient combat, nothing more.


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