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Want to schedule Legio VI for an event? Want to become a reenactor? Send us an email!

Schedule Legio VI FFC:

Legio VI FFC and the Placidi Valentiniani Felices schedule events all across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and beyond! If you want to schedule the legionnaires, contact:

Centurio Rusty Myers:

Optio Josh Davis:

Join the Placidi Valentiniani Felices:

Do you have an interest in late Roman history? Do you want to be a part of history, rather than just read about it or watch it on TV? Well then joining the Valentiniani is for you! To join, contact:

Magister Militum Evan Schultheis:

Come to our events!

Another great way to contact us is to come to one of our events! Learn a little, talk to the Centurio, and have fun! If you're looking to join just ask for us, and one of the legionnaires will point you in the right direction.

Our main event is Castra Romana, a big Roman Re-enactment camp in Ghivan's Ferry State Park. We have Gladiator Displays, and members from Legio VI, Legio IX, and Legio XI, and sometimes we even have a few barbarians come out. Watch our "Confession of Justus" production, a Gladiator match, and see us fire "The Beast." Check it out here at:

Castra Romana