"The Achievers of Placidus Valentinianus"

Aetius and Bucellarii


                The Placidi Valentiniani Felices is a living history organization dedicated to recreating the Soldiers, Civilians, and Barbarians of the Fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century A.D. We are dedicated to providing the utmost in accuracy, authenticity, and educating the public about the Empire in this era.   

            The Valentiniani originate from a Gothic bodyguard formalized into a Roman regiment in the year 419, to celebrate the birth of Placidius Valentinianus III to his mother and regent, Galla Placidia. They were edited into the Notitia Dignitatum as an Auxilia Palatina unit, and served as elite infantry in the Western Field Army.

            The members of the Valentiniani partake in all of the activities of Legio VI FFC, our parent organization. This inculdes dramas, Italian/Greek/Historical festivals, museum events, presentations, living history events, military timelines, encampments and immersion events, and our own event, Castra Romana. The Valentiniani also participate in 1st Century displays with Legio VI, when appropriate. To book Legio VI, email the Legion at justuslonginus@aol.com.   

            Interested in joining us? Legio VI has members in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Florida. To join the Valentiniani, contact evanshushu11@earthlink.net.


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Placidi Valentiniani Felices

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