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Legio VI Event Information
May 27 Memorial Day Timeline

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April 21or 28 Confession of Justus | May 27 Memorial Day Timeline | June 7-8 Roman Days


Here are some details about our May 27 event.  I met with Karl Enter at
Memorial Park on Saturday as well as the leaders of several other Memorial
Day Time-line participant units.

Looks like we might have American Rev. War, War 1812, Mexican War, Texas
Rangers, Civil War, a Civil War Band, WWII American and German HQ units,
mounted Medieval Crusaders, and of course the noble Romans.

We finally secured special permission for re-enactors to camp on the site if
they come on the Sunday afternoon.  The gates will be locked at dark but you
can keep your vehicles in or out of the gates depending on your preference. 
There are restrooms scattered around the park. There is also a big hall in
one of the buildings to sleep in if Legio III brings Louisiana bugs with
them.  Otherwise you can set up the tent near the pond or sleep under one of
many picnic pavilions.  I'll camp outside if you guys are in town. 
Otherwise, I can get the names and numbers of hotels if you are interested. 
Cooking fires will be limited to grills as many are located near picnic
tables and the pavilions.  At this point there are no Roman baths but a
bathhouse for the swimming pool is under construction and due to be
completed by May 27th (dont bet your last denarius on it though).

The city will provide water throughout the event and lunch on Memorial Day
to all re-enactors.

The city will provide bales of hay for lining tents, sitting on, feeding
mounts etc.  How many do you guys require?

Memorial Park features a lot of wildlife - nightlife.  What I mean is this,
we will be camping 150 yards from Bear Hollow Zoo.   No poaching the bears
or bobcats as they are not to be used as headgear until after their bouts in
the arena!


Paul Montello
Legion XI

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