M163 AT4

The Ultimate 52mm Launcher!


M163 AT4 Launcher
For mounting on your motorized paintball tank or can be fired from the shoulder.  The ultimate shoulder fired launcher or definitely an AWESOME launcher for your paintball tank! Using the body of an AT-4 anti tank missile, RPG builds a 52mm launcher with oversized expansion chamber, regulated CO2, hyped up ammo (double the paintballs of the M72 Shotsell, this badboy can put 50 paintballs downrange 150 feet effectively and 225 feet with an arc!). Itemis limited by number of demilled bodies we can find!  Inquire about availability!  Includes a carry strap, and ammunition plans (or buy a premade case of RPG 52mm Ammo!). The AT4 is HEAVY! 15 lbs loaded. Loads down the muzzle. Definitely an AWESOME launcher for your paintball tank! CA Only! We recommend a 15lb CO2 tank for power. Or a 3.5 oz bottle that will fit in the body and be nearly invisible! PERFECT for a realistic vehicle mounted launcher! Our MOST POWERFUL shoulder fired launcher. This is a special order.   Have a AT4 tube?  We can build the launcher into your tube for only $300!  GET REAL!!!!!  Don't forget to order some 52mm Ammo.
M163 AT4

Tanks will fear you... bunkers will be silent