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Legion Armory
Deluxe Kit

Complete Legionary Kit


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LFA Deluxe Legionary Kit

All you need to Defend Rome!

All products are of Deepeeka manufacture. These have been reviewed and selected. Be aware there are other Deepeeka products available, but they are generally old junk. Even some of these items will need work. Ratings and comments are based on the critiques of Matthew Amt (Quintus of Legio XX in Maryland) and Dan Peterson (of Legio XIIII) and my own observations after receiving a number of them. Mistakes are my fault, not theirs! Generally speaking we have only selected items for the Legio Armamentarium which were at least OK by him and modifiable to good/excellent by you. We added the +/- as we saw the products.

Cost for complete kit: $1062.50 plus shipping

1. Roman Caligae Sandals: Size ______ Will need sizing work. OK- rating.
2. Roman Red Wool Tunica: Size:______ Real wool, heavy, GOOD rating
3. Roman Lorica Segmentata (Corbridge A): Size______ The New and improved model, still not perfect, it will need some work, but a nice start. OK+
4. Roman Helmet: (Select one) The neck guards are too wide, and need to be trimmed down. Again, OK+/GOOD reproductions, but not perfect. Definitely a step up from the typical junk we see. Of course all the crests are too narrow and need to be replaced with proper wooden crest boxes and fuller horsehair crests. Legio XX has the instructions to do this on their website. We recommend AH6068 as the best trade off for price/quality with removable crest.
AH6068, AH6052, AH6053


5. Roman Belt: AH3868 Has modern buckles and the aprons are too long, but a good start to modify if you do not want to scratchbuild yours. Wide belt for single belt legionary. OK-
6. Roman Pugio Dagger: AH3264E Gets a GOOD rating. Note that AH3264 is BAD, this is the newer E model.
7. Roman Scutum Shield: AH3854W Beautiful paint job, good rim, and good handle, needs to be covered in leather or linen and repainted to be perfect, and is overall too small. Ok-, Not required (Subtract $120 from overall price)
8. Roman Pilum Spear: AH3501
9. Roman Gladius: AH4209(C) * AH4210 (F) * AH4211 (E) Sometimes a little point heavy, but still the best Gladii for the price. Recommend the AH4211 (E) OK+.


Defend Rome Well.