Byzantine Armaments

Byzantine Swords, Axes, Polearms, and Missile Weapons


AH3306 Dark Ages Spatha
The Spatha was used by the Romans as early as the 1st century BC, and later became the mainstay of the Roman Army by the 3rd Century. In the Dark Ages the Spatha was the weapon of choice for any warrior, with the only other weapon mroe ocmmonplace being the Spear. This is a must have for your Early Byzantine! 7th-10th Century AD.


AH6951F Arming Sword
This basic Medieval arming sword is great for your Byzantine Impression. 10th-15th Centuries.


AH6970F 13th century St. Maurice's Sword
A descendent of the Roman Spatha and the Viking Longsword, Arming Swords were around 42" long and used by professional troops, men-at-arms, and knight classes of infantry. This sword is great for a 13th or 14th century Byzantine professional infantryman.
With Z-Scabbard: $150.00
With Hangar: $172.50

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